Brandon P. Hedrick (NSF Postdoctoral Fellow)


Brandon Hedrick HeadshotI am an evolutionary biologist and ecologist primarily interested in comparative morphology. Although I specialize in the study of bats, I work extensively on other mammals as well as reptiles, amphibians, and birds. In addition to research, I am a devoted teacher and love to include undergraduates in my fieldwork and research. Finally, I have led a citizen science project on salamander conservation for the past three years in collaboration with the Hitchcock Center for the Environment.

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Robert Kambic (NSF Postdoctoral Fellow)

Robert Kambic HeadshotRobert works on joint function, focusing on dinosaurs and birds. His dissertation used X-ray techniques to reveal the complex 3-dimensional nature of joint motion in the hindlimbs of birds. He is now working on a project on the evolution of neck mobility in birds.





Jillian Oliver (MEME scholar)

Jillian Oliver HeadshotJillian is working on her Master’s degree as part of the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Evolutionary Biology (MEME). She is studying the development and function of the xenarthran vertebral column, focusing on the nine-banded armadillo. Currently, Jillian is analyzing the biomechanical properties of the armadillo’s intervertebral joints, in the context of their morphology and of the animal’s mode of locomotion. 

Jillian graduated from the MEME program in September 2015. 
She is now a PhD student at Brown University in the Roberts Lab.