Knuckles is the best sonic character

March 7, 2019

Back in November, echidna specialist extraordinare Sophie Regnault published the first installment of an NSF funded project on mammal forelimb evolution:

Regnault and Pierce (2018). Pectoral girdle and forelimb musculoskeletal function in the echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus): insights into mammalian locomotor evolution. Royal Society Open Science,

The work was highlighted in the Harvard Gazette:...

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Breaking up the mammal back

September 22, 2018

Massive congratulations to Katrina Jones for publishing her three year - big data - study on the evolution of mammalian backbone regionalization in Science!

Jones, K. E., K.D. Angielczyk, P.D. Polly, J.J. Head, V. Fernandez, J.K Lungmus, S. Tulga, and S.E. Pierce. “Fossils reveal the complex evolutionary history of the mammalian regionalized spine” Science 361, no. 6408 (2018): 1249-1252. 


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Niche overlap in extinct horses

August 28, 2018

Pierce lab alumna Abba Parker ('17) has published her amazing undergraduate senior thesis! Along with Brianna McHorse, Abba was able to quantitatively show that extinct horses of North America did not partition habitat based on trait state (e.g. body size, digit reduction, tooth crown height). Very proud of both Abba and Brianna on this great piece of research!

Parker, Abigail K., Brianna K. McHorse, and Stephanie E. Pierce. 2018. “...

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Prized Sophie

June 27, 2018

Congrulations to Sophie for winning 2nd prize at the Harvard Postdoc Symposium! Sophie did an amazing job explaining her science to a very broad audience and her echidna poster was fantastic. Way to go, Sophie!

Sophie and echidna

Bend it like Sarah!

April 13, 2018

Big congratulations to undergraduate student Sarah Gonzalez for finishing her stellar senior thesis! Sarah dissected and bent the backbones of numerous cats to untangle the relationship between morphology and function. Very proud of her accomplishments! Sarah will return this summer to apply similar techniques to reptiles.


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Welcome postdoc Sophie!

January 14, 2018

We are very happy to welcome new postdoc - Sophie Regnault - to the lab! Sophie completed her PhD at the Royal Veterinary College, London, with one of Stephanie's mentors, John Hutchinson. Her disseration research examined the evolution, anatomy, and function of sesamoid bones, especially the patella. In the Pierce Lab, Sophie will be examining the evolution and functional morphology of the mammal pectoral limb using lots of cool experimental and digital modeling techniques.

Here is a cool video Sophie made that beautifully demonstrates how the petalla increases the mechanical...

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