ICVM Prague 2019

July 29, 2019

Congratulations to the Pierce Lab for a wonderful showing at ICVM Prague 2019!

Here's a summary:

1) Stephanie presented the turtle humerus adaptive landscape study in the symposium: Ecology, biomechanics and evolutionary constraints in vertebrate trait diversification – hoted by Brandon Kilbourne, Bárbara M.A. Costa, Daniela M. Rossoni. No picture...

2) Mark Wright presented his work on mammal hindlimb muscle evolution:

3) Zach Morris demonstrated how extant crocodylian skull development can inform patterns of skull shape evolution:

4) Katrina Jones wowed the audience with synapsid axial functional evolution. She presented in the symposium: The axial skeleton: diversity, patterning and function  – hosted by Christine Böhmer, Emily Buchholtz.

5) Phil Fahn-Lai described how the musculoskeletal anatomy of tegu lizards and opossums can inform synapsid forelimb evolution:

6) Sophie Regnault presented her work using XROMM data to validate an echidna musculoskeletal model:

7) And Blake Dickson showed the utility of using adaptive landscapes to uncover the evolution of terrestrial locomotion: