Publication update

December 9, 2017

Pierce Lab has  been a bit slow getting the news out about new publications, so here is a quick run down of the last few months:

1) Back in October, PhD student Blake Dickson had his first-ever manuscript published! The study examined inner ear convergence in anole lizards using 3D geometric morphometrics.

2) In November, Stephanie's paper on the evolution of tetrapod pectoral appendicular muscles was published with first author Julia Molnar and colleagues. The paper provides ancestral muscle reconstructions for the LCA of Sarcopterygii, Tetrapodomorpha, Tetrapoda, and crown tetrapods.

Figure 11

3) And just this past week (7th Dec), a study on the evolution of sauropterygian inner ears was published in collaboration with Roger Benson's lab at Oxford (and colleagues). The study showed how sauropterygians with different swimming modes display distinct labyrinth geometries.

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