Katrina E Jones

Katrina E Jones

Research Associate
Katrina E Jones

Katrina Jones is an evolutionary biologist specializing in functional anatomy and paleontology. Her research strives to understand the functional, phylogenetic and developmental factors which drive morphological evolution. She gained her undergraduate and master’s degrees in Earth Sciences, at Cambridge University (UK), before transitioning to the USA in 2009. In 2014, she received her Ph.D. from the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution in Johns Hopkins University. Her dissertation, under the supervision of Prof. Ken Rose, examined allometry in the thoracolumbar region of running mammals.

Katrina has joined the Pierce lab as part of a collaborative project with Ken Angielczyk (Field Museum of Natural History), examining the evolution of the thoracolumbar region in Synapsids. The project will combine geometric morphometrics, ex vivo experiments and digital modeling to understand the evolution of the distinctive mammalian locomotory patterns. To find out more, go to her personal webpage.

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Select Publications:

Jones, K. E., Angielczyk, K. D., Polly, P. D., Head, J. J., Fernandez, V., Lungmus, J., Tulga, S. and Pierce, S. E. 2018.Fossils reveal the complex evolutionary history of the mammalian regionalized spine. Science. 1249-1252.

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Jones, K. E. 2016. New insights on equid locomotor evolution from the lumbar region of fossil horses. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 283(1829).

Jones, K. E. and Pierce, S. E. 2015. Axial allometry in a neutrally buoyant environment: effects of the terrestrial-aquatic transition on vertebral scaling. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 29(3):594-601.

Jones, K. E. 2015. Evolutionary allometry of lumbar shape in Felidae and Bovidae. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 116(3):721-740.

Jones, K. E., Goswami, A. and Smaers, J. 2015. Impact of the terrestrial-aquatic transition on disparity and rates of evolution in the carnivoran skull. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 15(1):8.

Rose, K. D., Holbrook, L., Rana, R., Kumar, K., Jones, K., Ahrens, H., Missiaen, P., Sahni, A., and Smith, T. 2014. Early Eocene fossils suggest the mammalian order Perissodactyla originated in India. Nature Communications. 5: 5570.

Jones, K. E., Ruff, C. B. and Goswami. A. 2013. Biomechanics of the pinniped jaw: Mandibular evolution without mastication. Anatomical Record. 296(7):1049-1062.

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