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You can view the live stream at  The live stream will be available starting Thursday morning.  

Thursday, March 31st 

Session Type


Session Description

9-10 am

Opening Keynote

Nigel Savage

Jewish Tradition & Contemporary Life: Lessons from the Evolution of the JOFEE Movement

10:15-11:15 am

1.5 Workshop

John Fagan, A. Thimmaiah, and Travis Cox

"Unity in Diversity: Alternative Agricultures at MUM—Vedic Agriculture, Biodynamic Agriculture, and Integral Agriculture"


2.4 Cosponsor Workshop

 Bonita Ford, Sunny (David) Osawabine, Ashley Manitowabi and Joahnna Berti

Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario and Debajehmujig Storytellers

“Lessons from Indigenous Knowledge & Permaculture: Planting, Building, Harvesting & Hunting”

12:30-2pm Lunch—NO Streaming


3.1 Paper Session

Colin Beavan

Zev Friedman

“How Experiencing Agency through Growing Food and Activism Allows Us to Connect to Mystery”

 “An Appalachian ‘Milpa’ Life-way: Permaculture Carbon Farming Through a Community Ritual Cycle at Earthaven Ecovillage”


4.4 Panel

Brianna Lloyd, Joan Mitchell, and Jennifer Tacheny

“Toward a New Lifestyle: Pope Francis’ Invitation and How It Is Lived in a Community of Women Religious and Their Associates”


5.3 Cosponsor Workshop

Janna Siller of Hazon

“Using Jewish Text, Tradition, and Ritual to Reshape the Food System”

5:30-9:00pm—NO Streaming


Friday, April 1st

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Session Description

9-10 am

Plenary Panel

Michelle Velez, Lauren O’Brien, Hisham Moharram, Sebastian Kretschmer, Joan Armon, Chara Armon

Practical Reverence: Sacred Reciprocity in the Context of Sustainable Agriculture

10:15-11:15 am

6.3 Cosponsor Workshop

Carol Schachet, Yazmin Lopez and Jovanna Garcia Soto

“Agrarian Reformation: Rising Calls to Protest for a Sustainable Food System”


7.1 Paper Session

Jim Robinson


A. Thimmaiah

“'The Universe Unfolds in God': Sacred Seeds, Ecological Contemplation and Laudato Si”

“Vedic Organic Agriculture: Ancient Solution for Modern Problems”

12:30-2pm Lunch—NO Streaming


8.1 Paper Session

William J. Gekas


Nathan Stucky

“A Hermeneutical Hybrid of Two Berries: Synthesizing the Macro-Microcosmic worldviews of Thomas Berry & Wendell Berry”

“Through Death to New Life: The Roots of Agrarianism and Christian Theology”


9.1 Paper Session

Robert King

Jose Ma. Anguiano & Jose Manuel Palma

“Co-ordinating the Substantial and the Insubstantial: Biodynamic Agriculture and the Christian Community”

 “Native Cosmovision Associated with the Development of Biodynamic Farming in México”


10.1 Paper Session

Kate Ritger


Mimi Coleman

"Garden Lessons: Reflections for Action and Meditation"

“Tilling The Soul--an Exploration of Triskeles 'Food For Thought' and 'Green Career Pathways' Programs for Youth age 13-18"

5:30-6:30pm Supper—NO Streaming


Plenary Panel & Closing

Chara Armon, A. Thimmaiah, Naohito Miura, Steffen Schneider, Carol Schachet, Yazmín López

"What Can We Learn from One Another?"