Claudette Agustin

Claudette Agustin

Executive Assistant, Center for Population and Development Studies; Senior Communications & Event Coordinator, Population Health Sciences Ph.D. Program
Digital and Mixed Media

An Artist's Diary - Day 22

Digital and Mixed Media

"Creating and sharing art is my form of refuge from the pandemic." Claudette Agustin created this video to document the thoughts that were stirring in her head and heart.  During the first few weeks of COVID, she immersed herself in making art. She did plenty of walks.  She merged her illustrations and videos into a digital album carousel.  Her hand-rendered illustrations frame the captured film from her walks. Each drawing transitions from one to the next.  "It is my therapy in coping with the new normal", she says.

An Artist's Diary: Day 22 Transcript


Drawing of woman's face and flowy hair on old restoration catalog paper. Colors are black, yellow, orange, and blue. Hair is made of intricate patterns.

True Colors

Mixed Media on Old Restoration Catalog Page

Old magazine pages are a great starting point, I am guided by my intuition, and begin to paint without planning.


Artist Statement

A curious maker, artist, designer, and an advocate for wholeARTed living.