Dave McHugh

Dave McHugh

Property Maintenance Worker, Campus Services (Landscape)
Film & Music

A man in a black wetsuit surfs and crashes along the waves of a grey sea.

Cold Winter Waves

Film and Music Composition

This is a short film I made and then scored of my brother surfing on a cold march day.

Cold Winter Waves Transcript


A man talks sadly into the phone behind a camera, dressed in a vampire suit and face painted. The dark room is lit by burning candles and spooky Halloween decorations.

The Revelator


This is a trailer for a full feature film I made with a link in the description to watch the whole movie.

The Revelator Transcript


Artist Statement

I work For Harvard Landscape services and I have a passion for music and film. I've been a musician all my life and filmmaking is a relatively new endeavor I'm getting into and learning about.