Maynor Campos

Maynor Campos

Kitchen / Chef Helper, Harvard Dining Services

An American flag vertically split into three to make a triptych. There are people behind the stripes of the flag, one gentleman beneath the stars on the flag in the first. In the middle a woman and child and one man on the last panel of the triptych.


18" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas (triptych)

This piece has different meanings for different people, and is open to various interpretations. As an immigrant, I created this work to reflect my experiences in this country, those of other immigrants, people of color, and of American-born children in mixed-status families. These experiences bring the immigrant/POC communities together and make us, US. Splitting the flag across a triptych reflects the dissonance between the idea of us being united as a country, and the reality of the numerous divisions in our society that affect our communities.


3 colorful people made of simple shapes. 2 masked figures wearing garments shaped like semi circles and covering their heads. In between them is a smaller masked figure wrapped in cloth. In the foreground there are blue, yellow, white & red flowers.


18" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas 

"2020" is a piece that reflects the changes to our daily lives in 2020. In much of my other work, I depict vibrant scenes of Guatemala where Mayan traditions, customs, and textiles are part of daily life. This work shows one such scene, typical for Guatemala; the marketplace, where vendors sell flowers and other goods. However, the sad expressions on the vendors' faces and their wearing of masks lets us know that this year our lifestyle has been drastically changed.