How can I show how many items are in a folder on Thunderbird?

  1. Select Tool | Options... (or Thunderbird | Preferences... if you use a Mac) from the menu in Mozilla Thunderbird.

  2. Go to the Advanced category.

  3. Open the General tab.

  4. Make sure Show expanded columns in the folder pane is checked.

  5. Close the configuration dialog.

  6. Click the table icon in the folder pane (next to the Name header).

  7. Click Unread, Total and Size so that a checkbox appears next to all the columns you want to see.

How do I check to see if I have the latest critical patches for my computer?

For a Windows-based PC:
1. Power on your computer.
2. Launch Internet Explorer.
3. Click on the Tools menu and highlight Windows Update. A window dialog may prompt you to install a download. Click Yes if so.
4. Click the link, Scan for Updates which will analyze your machine and its operating version. It will show you if you need critical updates or recommendations.
5. Follow the directions on installing the latest Read more about How do I check to see if I have the latest critical patches for my computer?

How can I fix a frozen computer?

Windows 7

Concerning an Application: If a particular application has frozen, it is often possible to quit the application. Pressing <Control+Alt+Delete> will bring up a menu form which you can choose Start Task Manager. On the  Applications tab, select the offending application and click End Task.

Concerning the Entire Computer: If you cannot do a restart Read more about How can I fix a frozen computer?

Who Can Use the Student Computer Facilities?

The Student computing facilities are reserved for currently registered, matriculated Harvard Medical School (HMS), Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM), and Division of Medical Sciences (DMS) pre-doctoral students.

Post-doctoral students of HSDM do not have access to these facilities. There are a group of computers located in the basement of HSDM for post-doctoral student use.

Exchange or visiting students (or anyone that does not have an active eCommons account) Read more about Who Can Use the Student Computer Facilities?

Are the printers set up for duplex printing?

Yes, by default, all non-color printers are set to duplex (double-sided printing). For single-sided printing, students will need to manually disable 'print on both sides' by navigating to Print > Properties/Preferences > Finishing tab. The color printer in TMEC 225 is set to a default of single-sided printing. To enable double-sided printing, student can navigate to Print>Properties/Preferences>Finishing Tab and select the check box to print on both sides.

How much does printing cost at HMS?

For single-sided printing, it is $0.03 per side for each sheet of paper. For double-sided printing, it is $0.02 per side of a single sheet of paper. (e.g., 2 sides per one single sheet of paper will equal $0.04 total.)

Student computing also offers color printing in TMEC 225. The cost is $0.18 per sheet. The printer is set to print single-sided by default. This can be changed by the user in the print properties window. The charge for duplex printing is still $0.18 per side of the page.

NOTE: Printing-per-page costs are not based on printing-per-document; it is based on Read more about How much does printing cost at HMS?