Authorship Policies

Authorship of publications using TBResist data is regulated as follows:

  1. All individuals making a major contribution to a publication are acknowledged by the inclusion of the individual’s name as an author. Major contribution is defined in agreement with the rules of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.
  2. The name of the individual who conceived the study and drafted the manuscript/abstract is listed as first author, with subsequent names listed in order of decreasing contribution.
  3. Alternatively, an individual who makes a major contribution to a publication may opt to be listed as last author to identify the research group or unit in which the work was done even though that individual’s overall contribution is not less than those of individuals listed earlier on the by-line.
  4. Partners designate their representatives to be included as authors.
  5. The number of names listed on the by-line as representatives of the data providers is obtained as the maximum number of authors allowed by the journal/congress minus the number of authors who contributed substantially to study conception and design, data analysis and interpretation, manuscript preparation and approval.
  6. The priority list of data provider partners’ representatives to be included as authors reflects the proportion of cases in the study contributed by each data provider partner.
  7. Data provider partners’ representatives not included as authors because the maximum number of names has been reached maintain their credits and are considered for authorship of future papers.
  8. TBResist should be listed as author by adding “the TBResist Consortium” after the last author on the by-line.
  9. All other contributors are listed in an acknowledgments section.