TBResist Network

The TBResist Network is made up of contributing groups and labs from around the world.

The TBResist Network aims to provide the following benefits to the world community.


Benefits to the Scientific Community

The scientific benefits of a TBResist Network are extensive. By establishing large scale, organized, and stable collaborations, the TBResist consortium will provide the following benefits to the scientific community:

  • Genomic data generation in some cases at no charge or reduced charge  including sequencing, alignment, and annotation
  • Access to high quality ready-to-use aggregate genomic and clinical (meta) data from many studies
  • Access to expert collaborators to optimize full potential of genomic data for publications, diagnostic development, etc.
  • Establish a network of experts to support collaborations on future projects
  • Leadership recognition for scientists and institutions
  • Potential to leverage unique resource to generate new products, e.g. diagnostics, therapeutics, analytics, etc.
  • Molecular epidemiology to better understand the emergence and evolution of resistance and its pattern of spread
  • Identify training needs and deliver training programs to accelerate adoption of genomic methodologies and development of associated resources

Benefits to Public Health

  • The study of TB Resistant Strains has clear public health implications. Along with contributions to the scientific community, TBResist would provide:
    • Improved public health for individuals, families and communities
    • Improved educational opportunities
    • Improved economic development
    • Improved community level tools, e.g. developed at and for the provincial level
    • Molecular epidemiology data to optimize public health programs and resource allocation