Data Security

Level 3 Requirements


  • RT# 148129: Block password guessing at LDAP server
    • Testing and handling unlocking
  • RT# 145279: Eliminate LDAP replication to public-facing servers
    • Extend Puppet configuration of private-homed LDAP replica server on CentOS6 to describe LDAP master and replication relationships

Annual Scans

  • (resolved) RT# 76991: design and implement an automated process for annual group audits
  • (resolved) Train RCE Services staff on new procedures for handling output of annual scans and HCI lifecycle
  • RT# 145276: Scan for HRCI annually


  • RT# 118395: Set up file server(s) for HCI
    • (complete) Set up Storage Virtual Machines for RCE
  • (resolved) RT# 118393: Segregate HCI on Netapp filers into separate filesystems