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Access Services

Access Services supports the Harvard Library mission by delivering a high standard of service; cultivating a welcoming environment that is supportive of academic research and inquiry; stewarding the university collection; and connecting the academic community to the vast array of library resources.

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Digital Strategies and Innovation

Digital Strategies and Innovation also encompasses Digital Imaging, Research Data Management, and oversight of Library Technology Services.

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Preservation Services

The Harvard Library Preservation Program comprises state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff committed to ensuring that library materials remain secure and usable for contemporary and future scholars by employing a variety of strategies for conserving materials, digitizing collections, preserving library content in digital formats, and providing robust education and outreach programs.

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Library Technology Services

Library Technology Services (LTS) is a Harvard University Information Technology unit that provides systems and support to the Harvard Library.

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Unearthing a Forgotten Legacy

More than 40 years before women gained the right to vote, women labored in the Harvard College Observatory as “computers.”

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