Hello! Welcome to the Open Scholar Usability testing site.


We’ve asked you here because we are looking at the usability of the current version of the Open Scholar platform in order to make recommendations for usability changes in the new upcoming version.

Test Procedure

This is how we are going to do the testing. First we are going to ask you some questions so we can get some background information. Then we are going to assign you some information seeking tasks and have you try to find the information using Open Scholar. Then we’re going to give you some time to move about Open Scholar on your own.

We would like to make it clear again that we’re testing the Open Scholar platform and not you. You can’t do anything wrong. In fact, this is probably the one place where you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

As we go along, we’re going to ask you to think out loud – tell us what’s going through your mind. This will help us understand better how people might use this platform.

Need help?

Since we’re interested in how people do when they don’t have someone sitting next to them, we are not going to help you as you work on the tasks. But we will try to answer any questions you still have when we’re done.