A historic symposium bringing together diverse voices from leading scholars of Shi’a thought and communities across Zaydi, Ismaili, Alevi, Alawite, Bektashi, & Twelver Ja'fari Muslim denominations and beyond at Harvard University.

Project on Shi'ism and Global Affairs
Harvard Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

Speaker Spotlight


Ali Asani

Chair, Project on Shi’ism and Global Affairs.
Murray A. Albertson Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and Professor of Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures, Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Harvard University.

Keynote Address

"Shi'ism: Unity and Diversity"

Seyyed Hossein Nasr
University Professor of Islamic Studies, The George Washington University


April 5, 2021
11:00AM – 12:15PM EDT | 8:00AM - 9:15PM PST



All sessions will be held online via Zoom. The symposium is free and open to the public. Register below:


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