Learning for All: An international comparative study

Phase 2: Extending the work to Brazil

Paola Uccelli, Felipe Barrera and Sarah Dryden-Peterson as Principal Investigators

Funded by: Harvard Graduate School of Education Dean's Venture Fund & Lemann Foundation.

International comparative study that investigates local and global answers to improve early adolescents' literacy outcomes and civic engagement in Botswana, Colombia, Peru; and now, in its second phase in Brazil.

Motivated by the overall question of "what makes a good school?", in the first phase of this comparative, multi-disciplinary, and multi-method study we are investigating student outcomes in literacy and civic engagement during the transition from primary to secondary school in large urban settings, originally in three countries: Botswana, Colombia, and Peru; and currently in Brazil. In these countries advances in educational quality lag considerably behind economic progress; in other words, these countries have the economic resources to improve educational quality, but their students still display poor educational outcomes. By comparing more and less successful schools within and across countries, we will focus on: (a) examining variability in the research-based mechanisms hypothesized to affect students' literacy and civic engagement; and (b) identifying and understanding how successful practices are implemented in ways that lead to better student outcomes in literacy and civic engagement.