Postdoctoral Fellows

Matthew LapaMatthew Lapa (Chicago) is a condensed matter theorist with broad interests in the areas of topological phases of matter, quantum field theory, and fluid dynamics. He obtained his PhD in physics in 2018 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the guidance of Professor Taylor Hughes, and is now a postdoc at the Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics at the University of Chicago. His current research is focused on interacting topological phases of matter, including fractional quantum Hall states, symmetry-protected topological phases, and number-conserving models of topological superconductivity.

Fun fact: In his spare time he likes to read, play guitar, and go running along the lake in Chicago.



Yunxiang LiaoYunxiang Liao (JQI) is a postdoc at Joint Quantum Institute and Condensed Matter Theory Center of University of Maryland, College Park, working with Prof. Victor Galitski. She received a B.S. in physics from Fudan University in China, before moving to Rice University where she obtained her Ph.D. in physics under Prof. Matthew Foster. Her current research involves employing analytical techniques such as field theory and renormalization group to study disordered system, nonequilibrium physics, strongly-correlated system, quantum chaos and hydrodynamics.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, she enjoys reading detective novels and watching movies.



 Zhu-Xi LuoZhuxi Luo (Kavli Institute) is interested the interplay between topology and physics, especially in the context of strongly-correlated quantum matter and low-dimensional gravitational theory. She received her PhD from University of Utah in 2019 and her dissertation was about entanglement properties in nonchiral topological phases.


Fun Fact: She loves jigsaw puzzles in all dimensions!



Shu-Heng ShaoShu-Heng Shao (Princeton, IAS) has a broad range of interests in quantum field theory and applications to condensed matter systems and quantum gravity. He is interested in global symmetry, 't Hooft anomaly, and defects in continuum field theory in diverse dimensions. Recently, he has been working on the implications of 't Hooft anomaly for gapless phases using the method of conformal bootstrap. He received his PhD from Harvard University in 2016, and is now a long-term member at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. 

Fun Fact: He is an avid runner and a sushi lover.



Hassan ShapoHassan Shapourianurian (Harvard) received his PhD from the University of Chicago and holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering  from Princeton University. His research interests span a wide range of topics in condensed matter physics and quantum information from practical applications of topological insulators to basic questions about entanglement. Recently, he combined ideas from topological quantum field theory and quantum information theory to devise new tools for measuring entanglement and characterizing topological properties of quantum many-body systems.

Fun fact: He is an avid cyclist and enjoys long climbs on a road bike.