Poster Titles

The poster session will take place from 5 - 6pm on Thursday, Sept. 12th in the Library (Jefferson 450).



Topological invariants and out-of-time-ordered correlators from randomized measurements

Andreas Elben

Quiver dualities for theta-walls in QCD

Andrew Baumgartner

Dynamical phase transitions in the BCS model

Colin Rylands

A non-abelian model based on X-cube with half cube operators

Jin-Long Huang

Landau levels in twisted bilayer graphene and semiclassical orbits

Kasra Hejazi

Foliated fracton QFT

Kevin Slagle

Computing anomalies from SPT edge theories

Kyle Kawagoe

Spontaneous symmetry breaking as a higher-form anomaly

Luca Delacretaz

Rigorous results on number-conserving models of topological superconductivity

Matthew Lapa

New realizations of fraction physics

Michael Pretko

Dynamical mean field theory and AdS/CFT”.

Milind Shyani

Fracton fusion and statistics

Shriya Pai

Hall viscosity of abelian gauge theories

Umang Mehta

Universality and conformal invariance in hybrid quantum circuits

Yaodong Li

Asymmetric information scrambling in 2-local hamiltonians

Yongliang Zhang

Critical viscosity of a fluctuating superconductor

Yunxiang Liao

Establishing 3d quantum gravity with Ising dual

Zhu-Xi Luo


Characterzing entanglement and topology via partial transpose

Hassan Shapourian