Critical drag as a mechanism for resistivity


Dominic Else and T. Senthil. 6/29/2021. “Critical drag as a mechanism for resistivity”. arXiv
Critical drag as a mechanism for resistivity


 Critical drag is thus a mechanism for resistivity that, unlike conventional mechanisms, is unrelated to broken symmetries. We furthermore argue that an emergent symmetry that has the appropriate mixed anomaly with electric charge is in fact an inevitable consequence of compressibility in systems with lattice translation symmetry. Critical drag therefore seems to be the only way (other than through irrelevant perturbations breaking the emergent symmetry, that disappear at the renormalization group fixed point) to get nonzero resistivity in such systems. Finally, we present a very simple and concrete model -- the "Quantum Lifshitz Model" -- that illustrates the critical drag mechanism as well as the other considerations of the paper.
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