Mapping (Connecting To) a Departmental Network Drive

These instructions are only for Harvard funded laptop and/or desktop. For personally owned laptops and desktops, mapping of network drives is prohibited.

Windows 10:

1) Click on the folder on the bottom bar

2) Click This PC

3) Click on the Computer tab

4) Click Map Network Drive

5) Enter the path to your department share. This may be on Dss10 or fas-depts

For example, "\\\cgis\YourDepartmentName"


"\\\depts\social sciences"

6) Check both boxes that say Reconnect at login and Connect using different credentials

7) Click Finish, and when prompted enter your username as shown below:

FAS_Domain\your_username (if that fails, please try your Harvard email address, or your NetID/ADID - if you're not sure what your NetID is, please log into and it will be near the bottom of the page. It will be your initials and 1-4 numbers.)

And your Harvard Key password



1) In the Finder, Click the Go menu, and select connect to server

2) Enter smb://


smb://\depts\Social Sciences"

3) When asked, enter you Harvard username (This could be your email address or NetID. If you're unsure of your NetID, please see the abod instructions.) and Harvard Key password


Please note:

If you are off site or using the Harvard Wireless networks, you will need to use Cisco VPN to connect to before attempting to map a shared drive. For assistance with using the VPN please contact us.