Server Hosting

For basic research our RCE accounts include access to resources suitable for most purposes. If you have recurring or continual needs for greater resources than are available through our standard service offerings, we might be able to pursue another solution where additional resources are allocated to your research. Final approval is subject to our review of requested resources against available resources. Please see Research Computing Environment for a complete description of the RCE.

In addition, we can assist with the acquisition and deployment of additional hardware in our data center. We provide enterprise-level server hosting in the same facility used to host our core infrastructure. Our data center features generator-backed redundant power, fire suppression, cooling, and keycard security. Services available include network storage, service monitoring, remote administration, and back ups.

Connectivity is provided to the Harvard core network (through the HUIT network) as well as private network access for secure, high-speed access to our services.

To discuss your needs for additional resources or for specific physical hosting needs, please contact us.