Due Diligence and State Responsibility to Eliminate Violence Against Women - Region: Middle East & North Africa



The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regional consultative meeting brought together 18 regional experts from MENA. The objective of regional consultative meetings was to consult and discuss with experts and stakeholders from the region on project and to have a focused discussion on systemic regional patterns and thematic issues of importance to the region.

This included identifying key issues that posed challenges in MENA including cultural perception and stereotyping as well as political priority placed on and budget allocated for ending violence against women as well as verifying data from the Project survey conducted in 8 countries in the MENA region.

The meeting also provided a forum for experts to discuss the issues, challenges, state actions and their implementation as well as good practices with regard to eliminating violence against women. In particular, the meeting focused on the 5 areas where states are obligated to exercise due diligence to end violence against women, namely prevention of violence against women, protection of victims/survivors, prosecution and investigations of VAW cases, punishment of perpetrators and the provision of redress and reparation for victims/survivors of VAW.

The discussions will be incorporated into the MENA regional report on State compliance with their due diligence obligations to end violence against women and will input into the development of indicators and standards on due diligence and State responsibility.

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Last updated on 12/18/2015