Domestic Violence Module: Demographic and Health Surveys Methodology. United States Agency for International Development; 2014. Publisher's VersionAbstract

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This document is part of the Demographic and Health Survey’s DHS Toolkit of methodology for the MEASURE DHS Phase III project, implemented from 2008-2013.

This publication was produced for review by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It was prepared by MEASURE DHS/ICF International.

Flood M. Measures for the Assessment of Dimensions of Violence against Women: A Compendium.; 2008. Publisher's VersionAbstract

"Measures for the assessment of dimensions of violence against women: A compendium" - 9th bullet point

This is a compendium of measures for the assessment of dimensions of violence against women. It also includes measures regarding gender and sexual norms and attitudes. However, it does not cover measures related to child abuse, child sexual abuse, or sexual harassment.