Widows (of all ages)

Addressing the Needs and Supporting the Crucial Roles of Widows in Society, Particularly in Conflict and Post-Conflict Scenarios. Johannesburg, South Africa : The International Council of Women; 2009.Abstract

A resolution ratified by the ICW-CIF GENERAL ASSEMBLY, 14-19 October 2009, Johannesburg, South Africa (in association with National Council of Women of Great Britain and Widows for Peace through Democracy).

Charter for the Rights of Widows. Widows for Peace Through Democracy; 2005.Abstract

A Draft Protocol for adaptation to specific country, legal, social, cultural and economic situations.

The Articles below describe acts and attitudes which are, in most countries, already proscribed under the general principles of international laws ratified by governments.  Here they are spelled out specifically.

It is hoped it will be a useful lobbying tool for widows’ groups, women’s organisations, and inform the relevant Ministries (Women, Justice, Health etc.) of the principle issues.