The Weiss Fund for Research in Development Economics supports research by students and ladder faculty at working in development economics, broadly defined. The program funds projects that address a wide range of issues affecting less developed countries.  Participating institutions currently include Boston University, Harvard University, MIT, Northwestern University, Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley.  Starting Spring 2020, the students and faculty from the following schools are also eligible to apply: Columbia University*, University of Chicago, University of California, San Diego, Princeton University and Yale University.   Read more about the Weiss Fund program expansion here

Two types of funding are currently available:

• Research project grants
• Exploratory travel grants

Spring 2020 call for applications is now closed.

The Weiss Fund also facilitates project evaluation opportunities.

• If your organization is interested in recruiting a researcher to conduct an evaluation,
please see the
application instructions.
• If you are a researcher interested in evaluation opportunities,
please peruse the current list of opportunities.


Please email the Weiss Fund ( with any questions.


* Pending signed sub-award agreement.