The Weiss Fund for Research in Development Economics is funded by CRI Foundation and aims to sponsor research that will positively affect the lives of poor people in poor countries. The Weiss Fund supports research by students and ladder faculty at working in development economics, broadly defined, funding projects that address a wide range of issues affecting less developed countries.  Read about the Weiss Fund program expansion here

There are three types of Grants offered by the Weiss Fund:
  • Research Project Grants (fall and spring calls)
  • Exploratory Travel Grants and Piloting Grants (fall and spring calls)
  • Implementation and Policy Grants (rolling call)

Information on the Fall 2020 can be found here. 

The Weiss Fund is now accepting applications for Implementation and Policy Grants.  Please read guidelines here

Off-cycle Applications
The committee may consider off-cycle Requests for the Fall and Spring calls, particularly for time-sensitive or low-cost projects. Off-cycle Requests that are deemed to be time-sensitive should send an email the Weiss Fund explaining why they are time sensitive and why it was impossible to submit the project in response to the prior call. The possibility of an off-cycle request is intended for exceptional cases such as a research project that needs to be put in place quickly to evaluate the impact of an unanticipated policy change.

The Weiss Fund also facilitates project evaluation opportunities.

• If your organization is interested in recruiting a researcher to conduct an evaluation,
please see the
application instructions.
• If you are a researcher interested in evaluation opportunities,
please peruse the current list of opportunities.


The Weiss Fund is in the process of transitioning to the University of Chicago. This transition will be completed in February 2021. Please contact or with any questions.