Weiss Family Program Fund Awards, 2012 - 2016

Fall 2016

Travis Baseler
Information Frictions in the Migration Decision: Planning a Field Experiment in Kenya
Tanu Kumar and Pradeep Chhibber     
The impact of homeownership on low-income urban residents: a natural experiment from Mumbai
Elysia Larson
Intervening on Patient Experience: Reducing Information Asymmetry and Leveraging Community Accountability

Isabela Manelici, and Jose Pablo Vasquez Carvajal
The Impact of FDI through the Production Network: Evidence from Costa Rica                          

Eduardo Montero, and Sara Lowes
Addressing Mistrust in Medicine in Central Africa                            

Odyssia Ng
Individual vs. Group Liability Contracts for Farmers in Western Kenya                            

Nicholas Ryan and Prabhat Barnwal     
Decreasing Children's Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution through Modern Cookstoves: A Proposed Evaluation of India's Landmark Gas-stove Subsidy Program
Frank SchilbachSupreet KaurSuanna Oh, and Sendhil Mullainaithan    
Does Scarcity Diminish Productivity?                            

Cory Smith        
Local Constraints on State Capacity: Tanzania's Ujamaa Policies                            

Maria Steenland
Female voices, community choices: a randomized controlled trial to evaluate female-only Community Monitoring meetings    

2015 - 2016

Kehinde Ajayi
Short Run Effects of Guidance and Information for Improved Decistions in Education (GuIIDE)

Matthew Basilico
Beyond Free: Measuring Impact of Water Chlorination Free Delivery Strategies

Laura Boudreau
Giving Workers a Voice within the Firm: Evidence from Bangledesh's Ready-made Garment Sector

Lorenzo Casaburi, Bheeshm Chaudhary, Siddharth George, and Jack Willis
Time vs. State in Insurance: Experimental Evidence from India

Juan Pablo Chauvin
Does Education Help Poor Regions Catch Up? Evidence from Brazil

Adanna Chukwuma
Incentives for Postnatal Care Demand

Joshua Dean
Hearing Yourself Think:  The Impact of Noise on Cognitive Bandwidth and Worker Productivity

Katherine Donato
Behavioral Barriers to Improved Child Nutrition

Benjamin Faber,  Victor CoutureYizen Gu, and Lizhi Liu
Connecting Rural Households to E-Commerce: Evidence from Taobao’s 100 Thousand Villages Project in China

Felipe Barrera-Osario and David Deming
Information, Accountability, and Family-school Engagement:  An Experimental Evaluation in Manizales, Columbia

Mesay Melese Gebresilasse
Priority Sector Targeting and Structural Transformation in Ethiopia

Nick Hagerty and Ariel Zucker
Peer-Conditional Contracts for Common-Pool Conservation: The Case of Gujarat's Groundwater

Reshmaan Hussam, Natalia Rigol, and Benjamin Roth
Cream of the Crop: Targeting High Ability Microentrepreneurs

Radhika Jain
Demand Side Interventions to Improve the Quality of Health Care in India

Anne Karing
Social Incentives for Immunization

Erin Kelley and Elizabeth Ramirez Ritchie
Job Matching in Informal Labor Markets (Fall 2016)
Improving Labor Market Outcomes for Disadvantage Workers (Spring 2016)

Gabriel Kreindler
Smart Congestion Pricing: Testing Travel Incentives to Reduce Congestion in Chennai

Horacio LarreguyChristopher Lucas, and John Marshall
When Do Media Stations Support Electoral Accountability? A Field Experiment in Mexico

Juliana Londono-Velez
Diversity and Redisributive Preferences: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment in Colombia

Matt Lowe
Inter-Caste Contact and Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from India (Fall 2016)
Jobs and Female Empowerment: A Pilot Study in India (Spring 2016)

Janhavi Nilekani
Incentivizing Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving: An Experiment with Bus Drivers in Karnataka, India

Dina PomeranzMaria Paula Gerardino, and Stephan Litschig
Monitoring Public Procurement: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design in Chile

Madeline McKelway, Matt Lowe, and Heather Sarsons
Secret Keeping and Jobs for Women: Experimental Evidence from India

Edward Miguel, Johannes HaushoferPaul Niehaus
General Equilibrium Effects of Cash Transfers in Kenya

Raul Sanchez de la Sierra
What Makes Individuals Join Armed Organizations? Revenge, Moral sentiments, and Social networks

Gautam RaoJonas Hjort, and Diana Moreira
How Do Policymakers Respond to Information from Policy Research?

David Schoenholzer
Monitoring Safety of Semi-Formal Public Transport in Tanzania: Commuter Information versus Bus Owner Information

Alex Segura and Abdullah Alsabah
Currency Depreciations, Education Expansion, and Industrial Development: Evidence from the Indonesian Manufacturing Sector

Mallika Snyder
Does Money Matter? Financial Incentives and Irreversible Contraceptive Use in India

Zachary Wagner
Utilizing Community Health Workers to Increase Use of ORS and Zinc to Treat Child Diarrhea: A Clustered Randomized Controlled Trial in Uganda

Shaoda Wang
Incentivizing High-level State Employees to Directly Confront Rural Poverty: a RCT Design Based on a Novel Development Program in China

Jonathan Weigel
Tracking Taxes: A Randomized Evaluation of a Government Anti-Corruption Intervention

2014 - 2015

Kehinde Ajayi
Guidance and Information for Improved Decisions in Education (GuIIDE)

Samuel Bazzi
Firm Entry Barriers, Growth Constraints, and Job Creation: Theory and Evidence from Brazil

Clio Dintilhac and Amri Ilmma 
Informing or reminding? Potential strategies to increase compliance rate for CCT program in Indonesia

Gautum Rao, Frank Schilbach, and Heather Schofield
The Economic Effects of Sleep Deprivation among the Urban Poor

Matthew Gudgeon
Decentralization and Violence: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia

Tomoko Harigaya
Access to Savings Account: A Mobile Banking Experiment in the Philippines

Reshmaan Hussam, Giovanni Reggiani, and Natalia Rigol
Testing Rational Addiction: Hand Washing and Habit Formation in West Bengal

Anne Karing
Externalities and Social Influence in Childhood Immunization

Carolyne Nekesa Khagondi
Bridging the Gap through Local Philanthropy

Jeremy Magruder and Solomon Hsiang 
Detecting Social Networks with Satellite Imagery to Maximize Impact of Rural Development Initiatives at Mimimal Cost

Janhavi Nilekani
Incentivizing Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving: An Experiment with Bus Drivers in Karnataka, India

Oyebola Okunogbe
Impact of Inter-Ethnic Exposure in National Identity: Lessons from the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps

Dina Pomeranz, Gabriel Zucman, and Sebastian Bustos
How can Emerging Countries Tax Multinational Firms? Evidence from a Major Policy Reform in Chile

Sarika Ringwala
Tackling Governance Challenges in India: Public Services and Electoral Accountability

Sarika Ringwala
Citizen Empowerment and Social Pensions in Delhi

Slawa Rokicki
Impact of an Interactive Mobile Phone Program on Sexual Behavior among Ghanaian Teenage Girls

Manasi Sharma
Optimizing Antiretroviral Adherence for Adolescents Living with HIV in Rwanda

Niharika Singh
Craigslist' for the Rural Poor: A Field Experiment on Seasonal Migration

Maria Steenland
Examining Peer-effects of Water Treatment Practices to Improve Public Health

Laura Trucco
Fixing Broken Windows: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Buenos Aires

Nancy Wang
Milk Safety in China: A Field Experiment

Catherine Wolfram
Estimating the Impacts of Rural Electrification in Kenya

Lisa Xu
The Sociology of Management Adoption

2013 - 2014

Jie Bai
Product Quality, Consumer Learning, and Reputation Building : A Randomized Experiment with Watermelons

Natalie Bau
Infrastructure, Capital Inflows, and Productivity in India

Syon Bhanot
Windfalls and Work: A Field Experiment of Motivation, Effort, Happiness and Spending in Kenya

Rema Hanna
Estimating the Demand for Air Pollution Information

Sara Hernandez, Reshmann Hussam and Natalia Rigol
Pass-through of Quality Premiums to Smallholder Farmers in Gujarat 

Yuhei Miyauchi
How Does an Expressway Change the Mobility and Migration Pattern? Evidence from Cell Phone Transaction Data in Sri Lanka

Oyebola Olabisi
Impact of Interethnic Exposure: Evidence from Nigeria

Tristan Reed
Risk and Relationships: Ice Retail in the Sierra Leone Fishing Industry

Sarika Ringwala
Evaluating and Improving the Effectiveness of Right to Public Services Legislation for the Poor in Indi

Shayak Sarkar
Exploring Vocational Training Partnerships for Rural India

Frank Schilbach
Alcohol Consumption among the Poor:  A Study with Rickshaw Pullers in Indi

Frank Schilbach and Heather Schofield
Assessing Profit Maximization: A Lab in the Field Approach

Lily Shen and Arthur Bauer
Cash or Conditions: Consequences on Cognitive Abilities in Indonesi

Monica Singhal
The Burden of Taxation on the Poor in Developing Countries: Evidence from Commodity Taxation in India

Gabriel Tourek 
Effects  of Subsidy Rationalization on Low-Income Households and Small Businesses in Malaysia

Lisa Xu
Investing Norms on Firm Size and Business Practices in a Retail Cluster in Ghana

2012 - 2013

Kehinde Ajayi
Consumer Perceptions and Saving Responses to Information and Bank Reforms

Samura Attalah
Learned Helplessness, Mindfulness, and Job Performance: An Experimental Study in Saudi Arabia

Felipe Barrera-Osorio
School Incentives Program in Punjab, Pakistan

Melissa Dell
The Impacts of Irrigation on Mexican Industrial Development

Michael Gechter and Amrit Amirapu
The Effect of Size-Based Regulations on Firms and the Pattern of Development in India

Scott Lee
Motivating Community Health Workers: Two Field Experiments on Non-Financial Incentives for Prosocial Tasks

Anusha Nath
Political Competition and Bureaucratic Effort

Yusuf Neggers
Polling Station Officer Identity and Electoral Outcomes in India

Slawa Rokicki
Study on Mhealth and Reproductive Health in Teens

Martin Rotemberg and Jack Willis
The Causes and Effects of Improved Health Supply: Evidence from Rwanda

Frank Schilbach
Alcohol Consumption Among Rickshaw Peddlers in Chennai: A Study of Poverty, Pain and Self Control

Anitha Sivasankaran
Work Now, Marry Later: Textile Workers in India

Tavneet Suri
Shortening the Hungry Season:  The Impact of Shorter Duration Rice on Food Security in Sierra Leone

Laura Trucco
Citizens' Complaints and Public Good's Provision