Welcome to the companion website for the upcoming Women, Crime, and Storytelling Exploratory Seminar.  We are very excited for this virtual seminar, on Feburay 10-11, 2022, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.  Please feel free to explore this website.  We will strive to make sure that the most up-to-date information is installed.  Thank you.

This workshop will investigate the dynamic ways that women experienced, participated, and challenged the law. Histories of law in the modern era narrate the expansion of modern, progressive, and centralizing legal structures. But when explored through women’s legal encounters, we find that women simultaneously experienced discrete forms of inequality and also found creative spaces for advocacy. Adopting a capacious understanding of “legal encounters,” our workshop brings together a diverse group of scholars in Europe, the Americas, and New Zealand, who deploy the analytical tool of storytelling to excavate women’s voices from the legal record. Topics will range from women’s experiences with the legal issues of slavery, refuge, prostitution, exile, conversion, abandonment, marital rights, property, infanticide, capital punishment.

Exploratory Seminar Leadership
Alison Frank Johnson
Emily Greble