About Us

HGSYC is open to all Harvard graduate students on campus.

The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as "union" or a method of discipline. At HGSYG, we practice different tyles of yoga and we try to introduce new styles such as Fit Yoga, Mindfulness Breathing and Tai Chi. One of the most popular yoga we practice is Hatha (a combination of many styles). It is a more physical type of yoga rather than a still, meditative form. Hatha yoga focuses on pranayamas (breath-controlled exercises). These are followed by a series of asanas (yoga postures), which end with savasana (a resting period).The goal during yoga practice is to challenge yourself physically, but not to feel overwhelmed. At this "edge," the focus is on your breath while your mind is accepting and calm.