Color subspaces as photometric invariants


Zickler T, Mallick SP, Kriegman DJ, Belhumeur PN. Color subspaces as photometric invariants. International Journal of Computer Vision. 2008;79 :13-30.
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Color subspaces as photometric invariants


Complex reflectance phenomena such as specular reflections confound many vision problems since they produce image "features" that do not correspond directly to intrinsic surface properties such as shape and spectral reflectance. A common approach to mitigate these effects is to explore functions of an image that are invariant to these photometric events. In this paper we describe a class of such invariants that result from exploiting color information in images of dichromatic surfaces. These invariants are derived from illuminant-dependent "subspaces" of RGB color space, and they enable the application of Lambertian-based vision techniques to a broad class of specular, non-Lambertian scenes. Using implementations of recent algorithms taken from the literature, we demonstrate the practical utility of these invariants for a wide variety of applications, including stereo, shape from shading, photometric stereo, material-based segmentation, and motion estimation.