Psychology 2451 Psychology of Racism, Prejudice, and Discrimination





This course provides an in-depth and comprehensive exposure to the theoretical and methodological issues within the social psychology of racism and prejudice research. Approaches will include sociology, political science, and anthropology.

Enrollment: Limited to 20. Undergraduates admitted with permission of instructor. May not be taken by people who have previously taken African and African American Studies 241.

Psychology 2570r Intergroup Relations: Research Seminar



Enrollment in PSY 2570r offers undergraduates an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a social psychology research lab studying mechanisms of relevance to real-world issues. Enrollment consists primarily of engaging in research support to your lab supervisor, who will be drawn from the members of the lab. Research support can include involvement in any and all stages of the research process, from experimental planning to the design of materials, to running studies in the laboratory and cleaning and preparing the data for analysis.