Assessment Workshop Series

Many offices/units are getting more interested in conducting surveys to get feedback and to understand the outcomes of their activities, workshops, and/or seminars. Harvard College Institutional Research (HCIR) is offering a series of 5 workshops for free, to help with this effort using the approach of an Outcome-Based Assessment Process. With assessment being "the most powerful movement in American higher education" (Schuh, 2016), we hope that this workshop series will provide a practical guide and framework of Assessment. At the end of the first two workshops, you will be able to create your assessment plan.
Workshop 1 Assessment Planning I: Goals, Objectives, Outcomes | Wed. Jan. 26, 2022 10-11 AM
Workshop 2 Assessment Planning II: Methods, Measures, Results and Actions | Wed. February 16, 2022 10-11 AM
Workshop 3 Assessment Planning III: Survey Design, Focus Groups, and Interviews | Fri. March 18, 2022 10-11 AM
Workshop 4 Collect Survey Data and Generate Reports using Qualtrics | Fri. April 15, 2022 10-11 AM
Workshop 5 Data Reporting: How to Create a Dashboard | Wed. May 25, 2022 10-11 AM

Workshops Presenter: Lynda Zhang, Senior Research Analyst/Manager, Harvard College Institutional Research

It is best to attend the above workshops in sequence, particularly the first two workshops. The last three workshops will stand alone, you can join Workshop 3 to learn how to design surveys, focus groups and interviews, Workshop 4 to learn how to use Qualtrics to collect data and generate reports, and/or Workshop 5 to learn how to create a dashboard with tables and charts without having to buy any software. 


On-Demand Workshops 


HCIR also provides on-demand workshops for other offices. Please fill out this form.


Consulting Services


If you have any questions regarding assessment plan, survey design, data collection, report generation, and result publishing using a dashboard, please fill out this form

Schuh, John H., et al. Assessment in Student Affairs, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2016.