Kokolopori Bonobo Research Project



The Kokolopori Bonobo Research Project (KBRP) has been established in the beginning of 2016 with the help of the Max Plank Society, and in collaboration with the local NGO (Vie Sauvage), the Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) and the Congolese Ministry of Research. The research camp is situated approximately 4 km from the nearest village in the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve, which is a community-based nature reserve officially established by the Congolese government in May 2009. A team consisting of local trackers follows on a daily base the bonobos of three habituated communities, Ekalakala, Kokoalongo and Fekako, thereby collecting behavioural, ecological and epidemiological data. The Kokolopori Bonobo Research Projects supports the local communities in their efforts to construct schools and educate their children.