KEYTERMS A set of key terms for the study of Indo-European languages.
LANGUAGE MAPS A pdf exercise on the geography of Indo-European languages.
FAMILY TREE How can we represent the genetic relations of Indo-European languages? These exercises take you through two possibilities. Complete exercises 4.7 and 4.8.
COGNATE WORDS Information and an exercise on cognate words across many Indo-European languages.
Two audio clips: the first by an expert reciting an invented story in reconstructed Indo-European; and the second gives you today's news in classical Latin.
An on-line quiz on the differences between Germanic and other Indo-European languages. 
GRIMM'S LAW A multimedia review of the consonant changes known as Grimm's Law, including Verner's Law.
GRIMM EXERCISES This exercise asks you to fill in a table showing the changes proto-Indo-European words underwent as they moved toward Modern English.

Four samples from early Germanic languages of the Parable of the Sower.

Note: for any exercise that asks you to write out something, bring your written work to section.