Kate at Northeastern, Johns Hopkins

March 25, 2019
Kate Davidson gave two invited talks this month, one at our Boston neighbor Northeastern Univeristy's department of Psychology, and the other at Johns Hopkins department of Cognitive Science
Kate Henninger and Nancy Frishberg at the poster

Our lab at the LSA!

January 5, 2019
Several members of our lab gave presentations at this year's LSA Annual Meeting in NYC Jan 4-6, including Kate Henninger, Taylor Joyce, Dorothy Ahn, Gunnar Lund, Becky Jarvis, Giuseppe Ricciardi, Chrissy Zlogar, and Kathryn Davidson.
Aurore stands at a podium in front of a screen giving our NELS talk

Aurore, Kate H, and Kate D at NELS 49!

October 6, 2018
Aurore Gonzalez presented joint work with Kate Henninger, & Kathryn Davidson  at NELS, on Answering negative questions in American Sign Language. (Talk)
Chrissy Zlogar presenting results slide (bars chart and troll images)

Chrissy, Anna, and Kate at XPrag in Italy!

June 1, 2018
  • Christina Zlogar presented joint work with Anna Alsop, and Kathryn Davidson (talk) at XPrag in Italy, on "Description and depiction in a reference game"

Kate at PLC 42!

March 23, 2018
  • Kathryn Davidson  (invited talk): Signs, speech, and gesture: integrating continuous and discrete representations into a single proposition