Get Involved

Interested? If you haven't already, contact us and request to join our email announcement list! There are numerous ways you can contribute to HCEWB, some of which are listed below. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Students: Anyone is free to join, regardless of concentration. You do not have to be an engineer. Participation in the organization ranges from environmental assessment to obtaining project funding to handling international liaisons.

Faculty: As HCEWB is still a young organization, we would greatly appreciate any recommendations or advice you are willing to give. Contact us if you are considering becoming an advisor for HCEWB!

Other Harvard affiliates: Though HCEWB is technically affiliated with the College, we accept all members/advisors who are dedicated to EWB's mission.

Professionals: We would be happy to work with professionals to assist us in reaching project goals.

Businesses and Corporations: HCEWB needs funding to ensure its success in its current and future projects. Please consider becoming a sponsor of HCEWB. 

Contact Us!