Sarah Huber-Krum

Dr. Sarah Huber-Krum

Research Associate
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Dr. Sarah Huber-Krum holds a PhD in Social Work from the Ohio State University, a MPA in Public Affiars with a concentration in Quantitative Decision-Making, and a MSW in Social Work with a concentration in Community and Social Justice. Her doctoral dissertation was on "Method-specific barriers and facilitators: a novel evaluation of modern contraception in rural Malawi”. Her main research interests are in reproductive and sexual health inequities; sociocultural determinants of reproductive health outcomes, specifically contraceptive use and abortion; contraceptive decision making within social and structural contexts; uptake of sexual and reproductive health services; and family planning programs and policies.

Sarah supports the analysis of PPIUD project data.

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90 Smith Street
3rd Floor, 328
Boston, MA 02115
p: 617-432-8971

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