Executive Board

Jeanne Gallée

Cambridge Co-Chair

PhD Student in the Speech and Hearing Biosciences and Technology Program

Contact: jgallee@g.harvard.edu

Jeanne GaleeI am currently a fourth year doctoral student in the Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology Program (SHBT) in the Division of Medical Sciences. From 2017 to 2019, I completed all coursework and internships for clinical certification in speech-language pathology at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. My research area is language with a clinical focus on rare forms of dementia, such as primary progressive aphasia. I am particularly interested in the neural networks that are recruited in tasks of language processing in neurodegenerative disease. I studied Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences and Psychology at Wellesley College, from which I graduated in 2016. During my undergraduate years, I was a member of Harvard Ballet Company and Wellesley College Dancers. Currently, I spend my time outside of lab, class, and clinic in the yoga studio, exploring vegan cuisines, and traveling. After graduate school, I aspire to combine my passions for research and speech-language pathology as a practicing researcher in a hospital setting.  


Shayna Stein

Longwood Co-Chair

PhD Student in the Biostatistics Program

Contact: sstein@g.harvard.edu
Website: https://scholar.harvard.edu/sstein

Shayna SteinI am a fourth year Biostatistics PhD student in the Michor Lab at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I am working on developing mathematical models to optimize scheduling and dosing strategies for combination cancer therapies, and also analyzing single cell RNA-Seq barcoding data to understand tumor heterogeneity and evolution. I grew up in sunny San Diego, and went to college at UCLA where I studied Mathematics of Computation and did research on alternative splicing in the Molecular Genetics Department. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, baking, and running.


Chara Koutsioumpa

Communications Chair

PhD Student in the Biology and Biomedical Sciences Program

Contact: c_koutsioumpa@g.harvard.edu

CharaI am a 2nd year PhD student in the lab of David Ginty at the Neurobiology Department at Harvard Medical School. I am interested in the development of the neural circuits that underlie the perception of touch. Before studying at Harvard, I finished Medical School in Greece and conducted research on neuropsychiatric diseases at Columbia University and as an Amgen Scholar at the University of Cambridge. Outside of lab, I enjoy traveling, playing basketball and learning new languages.


Kate Lachance

Mentoring Program Co-Chair


PhD Student in the Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics Program

Contact: katherinelachance@g.harvard.edu

Kate LachanceI am currently a third year student in the Churchman Lab, where we study gene regulation at high resolution. I am interested in understanding the interplay between chromatin and transcription regulation and feedback. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended Dartmouth College for undergrad, where I studied computer science and biology. After graduate school, I am interested in pursuing a career in teaching; as such, I'm involved with several outreach programs to teach students - ranging from middle school through college - computational biology. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, reading, and baking.


Weilu Shen

Mentoring Program Co-Chair

PhD Student in the Applied Physics Program

Contact: weilu_shen@g.harvard.edu

Weilu ShenI am a PhD student in Applied Physics, studying laser-activated materials for bioengineering applications in the Mazur Group. I grew up in the suburbs of Boston (specifically, Belmont—just west of Cambridge), and speak Chinese and Japanese. I attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for undergrad, where I majored in physics. Now, I am also a fellow at Dudley House and a mentor for the WiSTEM program. For fun, I play the violin in the Dudley House Orchestra and Dudley House World Music Ensemble!


Aleyda Trevino

NEGWiSE Representative

PhD Student in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Program

Contact: atrevino@g.harvard.edu

AleydaI am a 3rd year doctoral candidate in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, studying climate reconstructions and trees. Before I came to Harvard, I earned my undergraduate degrees in Applied Mathematics and Physics and a minor in Energy Studies at MIT in 2014. I later worked in the energy sector in México looking at wind power. I am originally from Monterrey, México and love going back home to hike and an very interested in international women's rights. Here I am visiting Mitla in Oaxaca a couple years ago.


Valentina Lagomarsino

Mentoring Program Co-Chair

PhD Student in the Biological Biomedical Sciences Program

Valentina LagomarsinoValentina is a 2nd year graduate student in the Biological Biomedical Sciences PhD program. Her research interest is understanding how the microbiome affects the peripheral nervous system and she is co-mentored by Isaac Chiu and Alex Kostic. Joining HGWISE, she will be a part of the mentorship squad, helping young women in science find female mentor. In her free time, she likes to hike, garden, cook and read about social issues!


Millie Zhou

Event Coordinator, Webmaster

Masters Student in Software Engineering

Contact: milliezhou@g.harvard.edu

Millie ZhouI am a masters student studying Software Engineering, specializing in data science. I also work as a research assistant in the Lee Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital where I develop and use techniques in computational genomics and medicine to research the genetic basis of neuropsychiatric diseases. Studying Psychology and Sociology at UC Davis as an undergraduate, my previous research areas include mental health associated with child maltreatment, and group identity with subconscious bias. In my spare time, I enjoy fitness activities, traveling, and calligraphy.