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Rising Above the Rubble

Rising Above the Rubble

September 24, 2021

What should we study?

When a new understanding of reality is supported by data, there is no need for it to be popular. Nature shapes our future, irrespective of any incorrect notions held by people.

Pile of Rubble (credit: teddybearscholla on Deviant Art, 2021)

In a recent forum that I attended with executives, the leader of one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world noted that only 5% of all their research projects are successful and only a small fraction of those make it to the consumer market. As a result, most of...

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The Next Sunrise Will Look Different

The Next Sunrise Will Look Different

September 20, 2021

Life as We Know It

Circumstances make our lives different. The same must be true for extraterrestrial life and spacecraft.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, I developed the routine of a morning jog around 5 AM in the company of birds, ducks, bunnies, wolves and wild-turkeys. I soon realized that every sunrise looks different for a variety of reasons: a change in season, cloud cover, abundance of dust, and other ingredients. We all...

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