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Working Paper
Kotnala S, Ghosh R. GLOBAL SOUTH AND FEMINIST LEADERSHIP IN SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. ‘colonial(ist)’ and ‘white feminist’ bias in international development. Working Paper.Abstract

We continue to see the colonial(ist) approach in international development and the ‘white feminist’ interventions in the field-from conception to implementation of projects. We are learning a lot from established development theories, now it is time to broaden our horizons, go beyond definitions within western feminist
paradigms used in international development, to enhance and encourage alternative voices and leadership.

More Than Bruises Are Left Behind. Matla A Bana. 2014. Publisher's VersionAbstract


To minimise the secondary abuse children suffer when they report abuse against them. This abuse is often worse than the primary abuse, due to a very unsympathetic reporting system. 


“Getting conversation going”

To prevent more child abuse from happening by securing more reporting. To mobilise communities to start speaking about child abuse.

To educate communities on what child abuse is, signs and symptoms and how to report it.

To  educate the public and children on reporting, highlight myths and facts of child abuse and to mobilise the community to start reporting.